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Map of Asherah (click to enlarge)

Asherah (4th planet on the star 5114 Mezravi) is one of the first few planets to be explored by humans (after Iriond, of course), having been colonized by the Confederacy. Home to a few humanoid races such as Eblians and Shaugmar.

Geography notes[]

United Asheran Republic: The earliest Iriondan colonies in Asherah, settled by Semkashans, which later attained their independence in the Age of Exploration, united as a single country. One of the major players in the Confederacy, practically eclipsing Semkash itself.

New Arkech: Capital of the UAR, renamed after the ancient empire that long predates Semkash when the colonies went independent.

Council of Ancients: A consulting body within UAR government, modeled after its namesake in Semkash. Has a less active role than its Iriondan equivalent, and its meetings are grander and flashier (as are its facilities), with its deliberations taking longer as they don’t follow the same networked structure as the older Council, favoring instead a series of statements that can be heard and recorded by onlookers. Its constituents include both Angulkinnar that migrated in from Iriond and ones created in Asherah. The angulkinnar in Asherah are more commonly seen roaming about the city and participating in various activities with other citizens, as opposed to the Semkashan ones, which usually stay in their abode.