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Eblians are Asheran humanoids notorious for their hardiness and instinctive connection to earth and rock, owing to their underground-dwelling origins.


Eblians are highly adaptable, and after a couple days living in a new location they already feel completely at home. They are extremely logical and literal, completely missing the subtleties of language and interpersonal relations most races take for granted, which makes them sound cold and rude to most.

Physical Description[]

Eblians stand 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall, but their bodily tissues are so dense and tough that they are about as heavy as humans. Their skin feels grainy and rough to the touch, and comes in tones of brown and gray, similar to earth and stone. They are completely hairless. Their eyes are bright and pupil-less, in varied colors like silver, green, amber and violet, and reflect the light that catches on them much like a cat's eye. They tend to wear simple and utilitarian clothes, mostly made of leather, which they like to decorate with small rhinestones, which are their main expression of luxury and elegance. Eblians have a single gender, the entire race being hermaphroditic.


Eblians get along well with most races, being rather easy to adapt and fit in into any society. They are especially close to shaugmars, who they share a homeworld with, and to humans of the Confederacy, which have largely adopted Asherah as a home. They have frequently warred with halachians (especially mutants) and [goblinoids] in Rancent's World, and in fact even developed special techniques to fight them, but are usually open to developing relations with individuals of these races, and will give them a chance to earn their respect.


The logical tendency of Eblians is reflected in their regulatist alignment, and their culture also has a strong tendency for collectivism, meaning that the average Eblian is a Paternalist. Many stray from those tendencies, however.

Eblian Lands[]

Eblians hail from the dry and high portions of Asherah, where their largest nations are, although there are Eblian settlements all over the planet. They have adapted to shielding themselves from their homeland's harsh weather by building most of their cities underground, in sprawling tunnel complexes that sometimes reach many hundreds of meters deep. They are also found in most major cities of other races, especially in Rancent's World, which has seen a considerable influx of Eblian immigration.

Eblian Racial Traits[]

As per D&D's Dwarves