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Hasturans are a race of humanoids native to marshes and coastal regions in Bhadrapada VI. They are distantly related to vukhars, and are often found in their domains as thralls.

Physical Description[]

Hasturans are humanoid-shaped beings, somewhat taller and heavier than humans. Their skin is rubbery, rough and in purple to red tones. Their tapered heads are marked by two pairs of tentacles sprouting from the sides of the face: one pair of large, muscular tentacles coming out the sides of their chins, and another, much smaller pair jutting out of their cheeks. A chevron-shaped flap of skin where their nose would be is actually a vestigial fifth tentacle. Their mouth is wide, thin and lined with jagged teeth, and their eyes are yellow and bulbous. Their limbs are rather flexible and somewhat stretchy (as their bones are not fully joined together), and they have four-digit hands and feet. Each of their digits has two independent-moving tips, which end in hardened, pointy spikes.


Owing to their aquatic origins, hasturans are good swimmers, and can hold their breath for a rather long time. Their muscular and flexible limbs make them quite athletic. Their claws and chin tentacles can be employed to attack if necessary (although they usually prefer to fight with weapons), and their rubbery skin offers some measure of protection against physical attacks.


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