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Many planets are known to the civilized peoples of the Haliburn Galaxy; these are the main ones.


Iriond is the birthplace of humanity, and is the most highly-developed world. Although there are indications of advanced societies in Rancent's world that are much older, Iriond boasts the oldest civilized race (i.e. humans) with a continuously-recorded history.

Asherah (5114 Mezravi IV)[]

Asherah is one of the first few planets to be explored by humans (after Iriond, of course), having been colonized by the Confederacy. Home to a few humanoid races such as Eblians and Shaugmar.

Chertan V[]

Chertan V: A stormy planet colonized by people affiliated with the Allied Free Nations (mostly from Inyad and Hellonde).

6072 Reshep II[]

6072 Reshep II is home to a powerful psychic race, the Reshepans. It was colonized by the Confederacy, which has brought Reshepans into their fold, although relations are uneasy.

4658 Austolus III (New Eugeron)[]

4658 Austolus III (a.k.a. New Eugeron): Colonized by Muranian humans, this planet became an extension of the Pan-Muranian Union. It is tidally locked; the upper portion of the map points toward the sun, and the lower half is plunged in an eternal night.

2514 Bhadrapada VI (Rancent's World, New Earth)[]

2514 Bhadrapada VI (a.k.a. Rancent's World, New Earth) is a planet only recently settled by humans (about 800 years), but which is home to a variety of civilized and not-so-civilized species, and archaeology points to a rich civilized past hundreds of milennia old.

9911 Maenali IV[]

9911 Maenali IV is a scarcely settled world (by humans, at least; it has a considerable variety of native life), much of which is rather inhospitable.