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There are several known sapient races in the Haliburn Galaxy - some friendly, many not. Here is an overview of the most well-known ones.


The natives of Iriond are rather similar to real-world humans; however, centuries of psychic modification have transformed some of them into something else entirely.


Lowborn are the rank-and-file of humanity, the lower rungs of society (comprising most of the population), which have not changed much since the early days of civilization.


Ghalkinnar are a race of Semkashan transhumans, one of the main forces behind the Confederacy.


Eblians are Asheran humanoids notorious for their hardiness and instinctive connection to earth and rock, owing to their underground-dwelling origins.


The result of genetic experiments in Kyrrztli, the Gryzzik are a hybrid race with both insectoid and human DNA, bearing characteristics of both races.


Halachians are a primitive race native to Rancent's World, that look much like the early stone-age ancestors of humanity, albeit larger and stronger.


Kyrrztli are able hunters and raiders, bringing their keen senses, stealth and psychic training to bear in their predatory outings, which has turned them into a force to be feared by most other races.


The sen-ji are a race of intelligent monkeys from the forests of Rancent's World. They are small and agile, leading them to rely on stealth and hit-and-run tactics to fight larger adversaries.


Shaugmar are another race from Asherah. These small humanoids have the study of psionics as a significant part of their culture, being among the foremost experts in the manipulation of sentient minds.

Other Races[]

Several other sentient races exist across the known planets. Here are some examples.


Vukhars are a mysterious and powerful race of large tentacled creatures with considerable psychic ability, native to Bhadrapada VI.


Derleths are a race of small humanoids from Rancent's World distantly related to the vukhars.


Hasturans are a race of aquatic humanoids from Bhadrapada VI, also distant relatives of vukhars.


Reshepans are a mighty reptilian race with innate psychic powers, native to Reshep II.